VESC Support for UAVCAN (v1)

As discussed on the UAVCAN dev call today 07/07/21, it is of interest to try to get UAVCANv1 support with the UDRAL standard into the VESC project. Along with my current work to port Sapog to v1/UDRAL, I will likely also attempt to implement support in VESC in the coming weeks.

Please be advised that I am currently quite ignorant about the VESC project, but I’m excited to try to get it supported! More third party support is always better for adoption.

This thread is a catch-all for anything related to this work and/or anyone who may be interested in assisting.

Paging @pavel.kirienko @dagar


Nice! I’m interested. I looked into better, easier VESC support for drones. We had successful tests using UAVCAN v0 but the interface setup was not plug and play because of the command quantity (e.g. duty cycle, rpm, current, …) and range definition and s lot of the features were unsupported. I still have access to that quite big original test drone.

I’m not sure how related it is to your plans but as my own initial step to get a simple working proof of concept I started implementing a UART driver for VESC on PX4: . In my latest tests it all seems to work fine except for latency issues. I plan to take up that work. For that I use a second 450 size test drone with UART (and CAN for the future) hooked up.

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