UAVCAN v0 and UAVCAN v1 on the same CAN bus


  1. Can UAVCAN v0 and UAVCAN v1 coexist without any issues on the same CAN bus ?
  2. For the UAVCAN v0, i am using libcanard_v0.3 which says Last release from the legacy-v0 branch . Is that the correct repo to use ?


UAVCAN does no longer exist.

  1. DroneCAN and Cyphal/CAN can co-exist on the same bus without conflicts.
  2. The correct repos for DroneCAN are maintained at DroneCAN · GitHub.

All new applications should be migrating to Cyphal to benefit from the new capabilities of the protocol and the improved architecture. DroneCAN is focused on continued maintenance of the legacy version of Cyphal.

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Thank you Pavel.