Questions about UAVCAN v1 FAQ

Hello Kalyan,

I am quite new to UAVCAN and still trying to get my feet wet. I have a some of questions:

  • Is there any up to date document for the UCANPHY or the V0 is still the latest one. I assume in terms of hardware, while still working with CAN not much has changed.
  • Are there any V1 tutorial on how to implement dynamic Node IDs?

Many thanks,

I am not Kalyan but I think I can answer these.

Also, see PyUAVCAN docs for the server-side implementation:

Nitpick: don’t say “dynamic node-ID allocation”, the correct term is “plug-and-play node-ID allocation” because node-IDs do not change at runtime, they are auto-configured once and kept unchanged, kind of like DHCP addresses.

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Many thanks for the information, I will look into the docs and will try to make a proof of concept and share it in the appropriate thread.

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Thanks for answering Pavel! @pepe feel free to let us know if you have any other questions, including something you find unclear that I should put in the FAQ :slight_smile: