DS-015 UAVCAN Drone Communication Standard

The following messages are ready for final review from the main stakeholders, and from ESC implementors/manufacturers everywhere.

ESC Messages

  • ESCPowerCommand
  • ESCPowerCmdGroup
  • ESCComandType
  • ESCFeedback
  • ESCFeedbackGroup
  • ESCStatus
  • ESCFailure
  • ESCState
  • ESCSignal
  • ESCInfo

Note: the messages can be found on the DS-015 document (linked below) on the Actuator Messages section, see below for a screenshot.

What are we looking for?

Feedback regarding the messages, we think the above message list gives us enough data and control to be able to operate correctly. We are looking for feedback on fields, data rates, and anything we might be missing.

How to share feedback?

Please share your comments in this thread, or directly on the DS-015 document, clearly marking it as feedback coming from this forum post.

Where is this coming from?

The DS-015 team is meeting bi-weekly, for status updates, and we are hoping to streamline the development and decision making process involved in the spec. Please join us on the next call, or follow the forum posts for meeting minutes.

Deadline for feedback

The UAVCAN team is meeting next on September 1st, 2020 (14-days from now), the goal is to have feedback collected by then, and move to the next message group.


DS-015 group meeting minutes for August 18

DS-015 Standard Draft Document

Was the public access for DS-015 removed? I was able to open the document the day this post was posted, but currently, I cannot open it.

Not sure what happened with the original link I posted, but I have added an updated link with access for everyone @nacansino thanks for the heads up

Hi :wave: I just want to check in and ask @mrpollo what’s the current state of the proposed UAVCAN V1 ESC message set? I’d like to add support for it to 107-Arduino-UAVCAN as well as PX4/sapog as soon as the ESC message set is part of the standard.

I am not Ramon but I can answer for him here: I am literally about to embark on the task of finishing up the proposal for the ESC types (and then some other types). The total scope of this undertaking is outlined here:

Up to now, I was working on these things, which are also necessary for DS-015 although we did not mention them in the plan:

Thank you for getting back to me. Looks like things move towards the finish line which is fantastic. I’ve initially embarked on the UAVCAN journey because I wanted to control the Zubax Orel 20 ESCs (via legacy UAVCAN). But right around the time I started my exploration UAVCAN V1 appeared in alpha state which made it seem like it would be worth to wait and go for UAVCAN V1 from the start. I’m glad we are finally getting close(r).

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