Hardware Layer Specification / Recommendations


I am in the early stages of developing what I aim to be an ecosystem of devices operating on cyphal. Currently, I am designing a set of micro controllers with onboard FDCAN tranceivers, can bus voltage support etc.

I am aware of DroneCAN’s basic hardware specification / recommendations (ie Bus power levels, device current supply/draw, connectors line with CiA spec, etc), and I was wandering if there are any current plans for OpenCyphal to release a set of physical layer recomendations for each of the supported transports that I should aim to align with, or is this going to remain unspecified and down to the developers to choose what best suits?

Currently I am working to approximately the DroneCan / CiA spec in an assumption that Cyphal wont differ very far.


Please refer here for Cyphal/CAN:

For the other transports, there are currently no such recommendations, but it is desirable to commence some work towards that.

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Ah perfect, thank you. I missed this when searching