Front-end engineer to work on the new UAVCAN GUI software

We are looking to hire a front-end engineer experienced in modern web technologies to work on the new cross-platform GUI solution for UAVCAN. The ongoing discussions about the tool can be found in these two threads:

And the WIP sources are hosted on Github:

The final product will be released under the MIT license.

We expect that the project will require at least 4 man-months of full-time commitment. Upon completion, we would welcome the candidate to continue the employment in the position of an application software engineer at Zubax Robotics.

We are open to remote collaboration, but it’s a plus if the candidate is based near Tallinn, Estonia or Moscow, Russia (we have R&D facilities in these two cities so it’d be logistically simpler).

Please DM me here or email

Is the Electron framework something to consider?


I’d love to help but I don’t have the full-time availability. Must the GUI be a Zubax product? Is the intent for the GUI to be open source?

Our intention is to sponsor the development of the GUI tool while keeping the codebase owned by the UAVCAN team (although in the legal sense there is no precise definition of the “UAVCAN team” at the moment). As I wrote in the original post, it will be developed and released under the MIT license.

May I recommend skimming through the topics linked earlier and see if you’d be interested to get involved? The project has been bootstrapped by @Zarkopafilis; he managed to finalize the REST API definitions and provide implementations for some of the core logical components. The next steps are briefly outlined here:

The most important at the moment is probably this one:

Theodoros was kind to welcome any questions from future contributors so I suppose we can just DM him shall any uncertainties be discovered.


got it