PyUAVCAN v0.3 is released


PyUAVCAN v0.3 is out; read the description at

This is the first release ready for public use of a rewrite that implements UAVCAN v1.0 — the long-term stable version of the protocol.

The release brings us:

  • Much more stable API. It still may end up being altered before v1.0 but the likelihood of that is now relatively low.
  • Experimental support for Serial and UDP transports (and of course CAN and CAN FD).
  • Dissimilar transport redundancy.
  • The new UAVCAN-v1.0-compatible rewrite is now officially the recommended option. The new master branch contains the rewrite, and the old implementation has been displaced into legacy-v0.

A usage crash-course is available:

Help is always welcome; here’s the list of outstanding issues: Issues · OpenCyphal/pycyphal · GitHub.

News concerning the ongoing hiring process for the GUI effort are expected by the next dev call.