Zubax Sapog software

I am utilizing the Sapog software to build a ESC to. I have built the binary and flashed it to the hardware using Jflash and a segger pro. The node shows up in UAVCAN GUI tool as node 125, but I cannot do anything with it, nor do firmware updates do anything. I tried changing out the stm32f105, but no luck.
Any ideas?

What are you trying to do with it?

I am trying to upload a new firmware over CAN. When I do so, the node shows up for 3 seconds, then goes offline for 3 seconds and repeats.

Please describe how you are doing it and what firmware image you are using.

I built a board the same as the Sapog reference board as a test board to use to compare my future project to. I then built the bootloader.bin file from the GIT repository. And uploaded it to the ESC using a segger j link.

I have tried the prebuilt “.compound” and have tried the “.application” both with the same success

From what you described it sounds like the bootloader is functional but the uploaded firmware image is not despite having the correct Application ID structure (otherwise the bootloader wouldn’t attempt to boot it). I recommend either connecting to the bootloader via GDB to inspect what’s happening at boot-up, or just add a bunch of printf calls. If the bootloader seems sane, check what is happening with the firmware (you should only ever attempt to load *.application, not compound images).

Is the latest prebuilt application.bin the best one to run? Also, the bootloader node never changes from initialization to operational, is that normal?

Yes to both.

I also noticed that in one of the images, the autopilot is also connected, node ID 1. With the escs work without that node online, or could that be my problem?

The autopilot is not required for Sapog to function.