Windows application with UAVCAN support

I’m working on a Windows application (С++ or C#) that needs to support UAVCAN v.0 and v.1.0 for exchanging data using Zubax Babel adapter (SLCAN). What libraries would you recommend for Windows desktop app?
Everything was easier with STM32… :slight_smile:

UAVCAN is no more, there is now Cyphal and DroneCAN. Here’s how they differ: Cyphal vs. DroneCAN

If you must use C++, I recommend libcanard for Cyphal. There is ongoing work on libcyphal which is a high-level C++14 library built on top of libcanard/libudpard/libserard but it is not yet usable, sadly. You can see that even the logo in the README is all messed up so that’s a WIP. I think we could use some help with that project if you are comfortable writing C++, assuming that Scott, who is driving this particular bus, won’t tell us to get off his lawn.

For DroneCAN, just use the old libuavcan.

All of that said, since you are developing for Windows, why not simply choose a higher-level language and use PyCyphal? It will really get you started in no time and it comes with nuclear reactors batteres included.

Hi Pavel,
thanks for your advice and recommendations.
I’m working on a Windows app for a BMS unit (very simple functionality). And idea is to match both DroneCAN and Cyphal.
I’m going to take a look at PyCyphal. And what about the DroneCAN Python implementation?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot!