Why ArduPilot isn’t keen on Cyphal support

There has been some lengthy discussion, over several years, regarding the claimed benefits of Cyphal, and a distinct lack of balance due to @pavel.kirienko closing threads or making them private. To answer some of the community and industry questions, a follow on discussion has been started here (please discuss on the linked thread, rather than in the cyphal forum):

For the benefit of posterity, the decision to make the discussion private was made due to the large number of unhelpful contributions from participants who had a poor grasp of the subject matter. By limiting the conversation only to the key participants who understand the issue well, it was possible to significantly improve the quality of discourse and reduce the mental and emotional strain on the participants.

Hey @auturgy, thanks for the link.
I was a proponent of taking down the discussions that descended into a flame war on this forum partly because they were about UDRAL and not Cyphal/UAVCAN-V1 but mostly because we, the now OpenCyphal community, needed a positive environment to collaborate in after the rancor of the DroneCAN split. Short of building an entirely new forum this was the best course of action. I’m sure we’re willing to pull up anything we need from that forum onto the ArduPilot thread if needed but mostly Tridge has done a find job summarizing the resulting state of things in his opening post on the linked thread.

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Thanks Scott. I’m in the earlier discussions, and still have access to them.