Weekly dev call

Okay. I suggest we hold the next call at meet.jit.si/UAVCANWeeklyCall. I will update the description; should the experience turn out to be unsatisfactory, we will find something else.

The next dev call on December 16 UTC is the last one for the year. There will be no dev calls on December 23/30 UTC due to the holiday season in EU/US. The first call after the break is to take place on January 6 UTC.

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Mind the DST switch! Today’s call may begin one our later for you depending on your local DST policy.

Heads up: I will not be attending the next dev call on August 18th. It is best to postpone any UDRAL-related discussions until the next call after this one, which is to take place on August 25th.

I may or may not be able to attend the call on Sep 22nd due to traveling.

The weekly dev call is on hiatus until further notice. If there are any suggestions, please post them in this thread.


As we transition to active development of Cyphal on UDP and other Ethernet technologies we find it is again time to setup a weekly dev call to discuss design, implementation, and governance issues for Cyphal and OpenCyphal.

We’ll be meeting using the same video conference technology as before but with a new room:

Please join us at 17:00 UTC (16:23 TAI) to help build the Cyphal future!

This post restated in Star Wars format:


Note that the new weekly time has shifted forward by 1-hour since the harvest is done for the Northern Hemisphere and @erik.rainey is back to milking ol’ Bessie in the morning on his own.


There will be no dev call on Dec 23 and Dec 30 due to the holiday season in EU & US.

A calendar event, for those of us whose memory is not to be depended on.

OpenCyphal: dev call.ics (1.0 KB)


Can we please have a new calendar event with the time zone set to UTC? The call is scheduled at 17:00 UTC, which is 19:00 EET and 20:00 EEST.

Updated calender event, timezone set to UTC:

OpenCyphal_devcall.ics (739 Bytes)

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