Weekly dev call

It’s been pointed out that if we moved the call more than 1.5 hrs earlier we’d overlap with the PX4 Developer Coordination Call. We could possibly move the UAVCAN dev call on a different business day which probably should be neither Monday (a dense day for some) nor Friday (might not work for people in EU/Asia due to late-ish hours involved). Tuesday is undesirable because the PX4 team has the hardware call at 16:00 UTC.

@jani.hirvinen How late is too late?

Here’s a new poll

  • Wed 18:00 UTC (no change)
  • Wed 17:00 UTC (one hour earlier)
  • Thu 18:00 UTC
  • Thu 17:00 UTC
  • Thu 16:00 UTC
  • Thu 15:00 UTC

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The time has been changed to Wed 17:00 UTC (one hour earlier).

I am going to be traveling on Wednesday until 17:40 UTC, so won’t be able to attend the call on time. Sorry!

(I am going to hop online once I landed though just to see if there’s anybody there)

Breaking news!

We are moving the call back to the old schedule: Wednesday 18:00 UTC.

The header post will be updated.

CC @iain.galloway @scottdixon @noxuz @mrpollo .

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Calendar has been updated, you can review the Dronecode calendar here

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I would like to propose a second weekly call scheduled at an earlier time to accommodate our colleagues from the other side of the planet. The proposed time for the additional call is Wed 09:00 UTC. You can evaluate its mapping to other timezones here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20191106T090000&p1=1440&p2=242&p3=166&p4=28&p5=248&p6=57

Would @jani.hirvinen and @tridge be interested in occasional participation? Does the suggested time work well?

thanks for offering a different time. I can’t make it this week but I should be able to make it next week

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Noted. I updated the OP post to indicate the second time.

There will be no dev calls on Dec 25 and Jan 1 due to holidays in the EU/US. The next dev call is due on Jan 8.

@scottdixon @TSC21 @iain.galloway Unfortunately, I will have to skip or at least be very late to the next dev call on March 4th due to unfortunate traveling arrangements.

The new time is 17:00 UTC, see the header post.

I tried joining the call but was immediately kicked out. Is there someone I need to talk to first?

The call will begin in 30 minutes. You were removed because currently another call (not related to UAVCAN) is in progress.

Ah OK. Thank you!

Whereby has a nasty technical issue that occurs with some of the users but affects all call participants when the user starts speaking but the voice is not heard for the first half a second or so. It occurs sporadically and is known to never affect the same users when using different group call services like MS Teams, Google Meet, Slack, etc. Additionally, sometimes users residing in the same room are unable to hear each other. Subjectively, these problems have been occurring more frequently as of late, so I want to switch to a different service.

Any suggestions?

Maybe Teams is a good option.

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zoom, chime, or webex are all platforms I have to use anyway so throwing Teams into the mix is fine by me.

Despite Jitsi is an open source project, it works good. I’ve tried it several times on Android and in Chrome.