Vendors transition to UAVCANv1

We are interested in moving all our uavcan nodes to the uavcanv1 protocol from the v0 protocol. We have even replaced our uavcanv0 nodes with the NXP UCANS32K146 interfacing with the sensor and communicating to our FCU using uavcanv1.

However, we dont want to develop our own uavcanv1 node for every sensor and this is where COTS products provide fast integration and testing over inhouse development.

Is there any vendors which supports the uavcanv1 protocol, and have there been any discussion or confirmation from vendors to the new protocol?

Kind Regards

I am not tracking the market in this sense so it’s hard to be certain, but in general, it seems like there is certain inertia to overcome. At least Zubax Robotics will be releasing certain v1-compliant products in the short term.

Cool thanks, I will check them out.

Is it safe to assume the new members on the Consortium of UAVCAN which are vendors will support UAVCANv1 (Welcome new members of the UAVCAN Consortium - #8 by pavel.kirienko)? I am in the process of confirming via email with them since they have many products which we will be interested in.

I can’t really speak for them, sorry. Some members have walked out after DroneCAN was forked off UAVCAN v0, so there’s that.