UAVCAN Verification

Hello everyone,

I am new to UAVCAN and need to conduct a demo on UAVCAN. I have integrated UAVCAN into controllers. I am transmitting a heartbeat message and checking the message in the CAN Analyzer. I can see that data is being received in the CAN Analyzer, but I am unsure of how to verify that data.

Could someone guide me on how to verify whether the CAN data I received in my analyzer and the heartbeat message I have transmitted are the same or not?

The serialization rules are explained in the Specification, chapter 3:

You can use specialized tools like Yakut to automatically deserialize messages: GitHub - OpenCyphal/yakut: Simple CLI tool for diagnostics and debugging of Cyphal networks

You can also deserialize your messages semi-manually with the help of PyCyphal.

Thanks Pavel , It helped.