Uavcan v0 and STM32H7

Hi, can you tell me if it is possible to run uavcan v0 on stm32h7 with fdcan or only uavcan v1?

UAVCAN v0 does not support CAN FD. There is currently no work underway to change this.

You can still use UAVCAN v0 with your chip though as long as you configure its CAN controller to use the Classic CAN mode.

Do you know if there are ready-made drivers for this series of processors?

There are no official drivers for FDCAN but you can find some third-party ones on GitHub, like this:

And for use outside the PX4 system?

As I said, we don’t provide drivers for this platform yet.

This draft PR, along with the two PR’s it’s linked to, adds FD support to v0 and has been tested on H7.