UAVCAN v0.5 In the Air

Following @aentinger 's example of posting Cyphal use in the wild, Prime Air has announced operations in a location in California and now in College Station Texas (see below). While this vehicle is not yet flying on Cyphal it is using UAVCAN v0.5 which is the precursor to Cyphal and it will get an upgrade to Cyphal in the future.

If you are interested in coming to Prime Air to help build our Cyphal future, we are hiring!


New video is up from Prime Air. I didn’t seem to make the cut but I was around when they filmed some of the office scenes.


I like that

More views of our new facilities where Cyphal is being developed!


Love it :heart_eyes: ! Sure looks fun :wink: ! And you’ve got your own EMI/EMS measurement chamber :money_mouth_face: :open_mouth: .

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