Uavcan_gui_tool unrecognized message 1027 (windows)

I am doing some testing with UAVCAN, using the legacy v0.x version, for now.
Having developed a prototype on a Linux machine, passed it over to a colleague using Windows.

The uavcan_gui_tool on my machine (v0.9.1) has no problems looking into the message stream, but the version on the windows machine (official binary v0.9.0) does not recognize the standard RawAirData message.

I don’t have windows on my machine, so can’t test.
Is there anything we are missing here?


Perhaps the version that is on Windows is using an older version of pyuavcan and therefore does not have the necessary DSDL definition available. The DSDL version management in v0 was somewhat flawed, we fixed this in v1 so going forward issues like this should no longer appear.

OK, thanks. Probably not worth digging much deeper here for v0.

I do intend to switch to v1 as soon as possible, but for that I first need to ensure I have v1 firmware for all devices I intend to support (one of those is a Zubax GNSS, which I don’t think has been updated to v1 yet).

I want to avoid having to support two versions at the same time so have been delaying the switch to v1 until I can completely drop v0.