UAVCAN Consortium member directory and representatives

If you want your fellow representative to gain access to this sub-forum, send a PM to one of the forum admins. Please limit the number of representatives depending on the membership tier:

  • Sponsored — up to 5
  • Regular — up to 2
  • Expert — up to 5

The full and up-to-date list of members can be seen at @consortium.

Name Tier Representatives
Revolve NTNU Sponsored @Haakoliv
Innopolis University Sponsored @frontw @Sainquake @Dima @GigaFlopsis
Dronecode Foundation Sponsored @mrpollo @lorenz.meier @dagar @PetervdPerk @JacobCrabill
ArduPilot Sponsored @tridge @auturgy @sidbh @magicrub @David_Buzz
Zubax Robotics Expert @dmitry.ramensky @silver.valdvee @suzonch
AmadorUAVs Sponsored @bbworld1 @coder_kalyan
MiSmart Regular @ThomasPham
LXRobotics Sponsored @aentinger @generationmake
ARK Electronics Sponsored @alexklimaj