Uavcan batterymonitor

Here is thing that I want to built a UAVCAN BatteryMonitor connected with my pixhawk. I think it must be a cool think cause GPS and ESC and BattMonitor . these three of them is a important part for every drone . for now ESC and GPS is done . the only thing left is BatteryMonitor . Image that all modules connected with one wire . it is simple for every hobbyst when building their drone . Ok let’s go back to UAVCAN BatteryMonitor . the hardware I have already done . simple stm32f103 with adc snalpe current and volt . I think my batterymonitor is working right cause I can get right data form uavcan gui tool . my pixhawk running copter-v3.6 . on the parameter I set BATT_MONITOR to 8 which is UAVCAN_BattInfo. Also I enable uavcan on the parameters. but after these setting I still can not get data form missionplanner . the volt and current always zero . I saw the source code of copter version 3.6 there is a UAVCAN code on it I am not sure the problem is my uavcan batterymonitor or the uavcan monitor function on ardupilot is a uncompleted function . so can anybody help me to figure out this problem . of course the source code will upload later

I think you will have better luck asking this on the ArduPilot support forum. Also, check out this article by OlliW: and Some UAVCAN hardware from jDrones

Hello, I am also trying to do this. I don’t know how to define data messages at the moment. How do you implement it?