Third-party product directory

Should we set up a curated list of UAVCAN-related software/hardware made by third parties (that is, outside of the UAVCAN Development Team) to promote them and grow the ecosystem faster? There have been interesting projects like the UAVCAN-ROS adapter, a JavaScript implementation, the new libuavesp, various UAVCAN demoboards from hardware vendors, etc. that may not be getting enough exposure.

Can we just make a wiki-post and let our users curate it, or is that attempt doomed to die of disregard and mismaintenance?

Emphatically Yes. I agree, Wiki posts in the repo.

I don’t think we need a repo or anything major for this. A trivial wiki post on the forum should be fine. You can turn any post (your post) into a wiki using this menu:

Would you like to kickstart this effort?

I was taking about here.

Not a new repo.

We don’t want to spread out the knowledge across multiple sources unnecessarily. With occasional exceptions, we use GitHub for concrete implementation-level items like source code and the specification, and we use this forum for everything more abstract than that. We are not using GitHub wikis for anything at all. So the directory, if it is to be made, should be created here on the forum.

OK then. Let me gather up some info.