Standard data type inside a custom one

I use two standard data types inside my custom data type.

SynchronizedTimestamp.1.0[<=32767] timestamp
uint16[<=32767] sensor
Real32.1.0[<=32767] value

These two standard data type definitions are located in the same directory, as the custom one (a/b/custom). Here ist the error message I get on compilation

uavcan.dsdl.common.DsdlException: a/b/custom/MyType.0.1.uavcan:5: Unknown namespace [SynchronizedTimestamp.1]
Compiler failure

How can I fix it?

It seems like you are trying to use v0 compiler against v1 data types. You can’t do that; please use the v1 code generator (Nunavut/PyUAVCAN, depending on your needs).

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