Roboteq MBL1660A

Hello, We are using the CUBE (pixhawk with PX4 on it) and we want to control drives which are normally controlled in CANOPEN.

How can we control these ROBOTEQ MBL1660A with UAVCAN.

Thank you

As far as I know, ROBOTEQ MBL1660A does not support UAVCAN, nor does the product page suggest that it does. Therefore, you can’t control it using UAVCAN.

I think the best way to understand this is to read the abstract on Wikipedia, then follow references from there as necessary:

Depends on the device. I don’t think anybody can answer this question but the vendor. Consider getting in touch with Roboteq.

Hi…in my case Roborun+ isn’t able to communicate through the serial interface, but the USB interface does work. The blame hail “config” is dynamic and the engine will be going through the schedule as on the off chance that you jumpered pins 2&3 on the 15-pin connector. After a brief time the controller will lose its association. Attempting to alter setups, like actuating an analog input will cause the controller to be misplaced.