Recomended CAN USB Device

I am setting up a test system to communicate with UAVCAN and would like to get the best recommendation of the USB CAN device, so far we have the options of using Korlan USB2CAN or PEAK PCAN-USB. Which of the two would work best with UAVCAN from experience?

Neither. Judging from your question, there are no special requirements, so I would recommend looking for something that supports CAN FD, like

Thanks, the customer, as far as I know, is using the legacy version of UAVCAN ( v0 ) so I guess we are limited to 8 bytes of data so I don’t think the flexible data will be an issue here, would you say the PEAK CAN is the best. I have seen a few posts with mentions of running systems with PEAK CAN devices.

In this case, you should go with Babel:

Hi sir, Using this device we can interface US-D1 (CAN2.0) to OUR UAVCAN. US-D1 vendors are not giving any reply regarding UAVCAN protocol. We bought this US-D1 with CAN interface, But now we unable to use this product. Please suggest to me is any way to convert CAN 2.0 to UAVCAN to Integrate US-D1 into our UAVCAN.

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The device you are referring to will not work with UAVCAN. Without vendor’s help, there is nothing anybody can do short of rewriting the firmware.

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