Python Support Notice

Per Status of Python Versions we will be officially dropping support for Python 3.6 from all OpenCyphal projects effective immediately (unless you scream really, really loud and fast). Python 3.7 support will be dropped later this year per the EOL schedule for that version. The immediate change is we will no longer accept python 3.6-only bugs but as updates occur the tests will stop covering 3.6 and we reserve the right to use features only available in 3.7 and newer.

Please do let us know if this is a problem but some ad-hoc polling of users suggests it shouldn’t be.

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Should we not make it our general policy that only non-EOL Python versions enjoy full support, unless there are very important users who demand otherwise?

Yes. I agree. Python 3.7 isn’t EOL for another month or so :slight_smile: