Pydsdlgen is hard to say

“certain people” have complained that pydsdlgen is a really clunky name. Should we rename it and what should we name it? Poll time!

  • no change – keep pydsdlgen because it will break things to change the name.
  • Nunavut – To continue with the theme of Canadian territories started by Yukon (A theme which is, admittedly, not sustainable unless Global Warming has a more immediate impact on the politics of the North pole then I would expect).
  • Tallinn – As a nod to Pavel and an expansion of the Yukon theme to be simply names of places in the world. The problem is, this is probably the only repo Pavel hasn’t actually committed to :wink:
  • pydegen – (can be pronounced “Pie-dee-Gen” or “Pie-de-gen”) Random name I came up with that is evocative of this being a “DSDL code generator written in Python” but is easier to say (in English, at least).
  • Other – Provide your suggestion as a response to this thread.

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Just dsdlgen?

More Formally, “Python Domain Specific Data Language Auto Generation Library” PyDSDLAGL or Pie-dis-de-la-gul.


All Python things must be Py-things, thus is the way of Python. :wink:

Nanaimo - a place and a desert. Could use a cute icon of a nanaimo bar.

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I do so love Nanaimo bars! They are basically my favorite thing in the world, however, I really like Nunavut as a name and it’s so hard to get Pavel to agree to anything so I’m not going to squander my vote. Perhaps we can put Nanaimo in our back pocket for the future?


Maybe that’s the name of the terminal app then.

Since Pavel is BDFL I think the tie breaker goes to Nunavut. It’s pronounced, basically, like it reads (see for help) except the last ‘u’ is said like ‘oo’ -> Nun-a-voot or Noon-a-voot.

I’ll work on the rename, uh, sometime soon?

Oh what have I done. There is no way to express the strength of one’s vote. If there was, I would have voted weakly.

I can start a round two of voting given that I won’t have time to do this rename in the next few days it’s not really blocking anything.

Meh. Let’s not be so indecisive. Nunavut is what I’m calling it.

¡pydsdlgen will be renamed to “nunavut”!

This will be messy and all kinds of things will break while I’m doing it so I’ll send out a “starting” and “all-clear” post on this thread when I get to it. I might actually do this over the weekend since I want to get another nunavut release out soon.

This is starting now.

This is done. I will delete pydsdlgen from pypi in a few days. Please welcome nunavut to the UAVCAN project!