PX4 Actuator control

In uavcan_main.cpp the array _controls has all value arrays by topics actuator_controls_[0-4], but in a mixer and further at transfer to the bus uses only data from actuator_controls_0. I need to take data from actuator_controls_1 by can.
why it works this way and how do I get data from the actuator_controls_1?
Also: what is topic ORB_ID(actuator_direct), it is not exists at uorb graph https://dev.px4.io/en/middleware/uorb_graph.html
Who and where take values to it?

Hi Alexey,

This forum has nothing to do with PX4, and I don’t think anybody here can help you. Please ask your question here: http://discuss.px4.io/

but you are the author of these files)

I wrote some of that code, yes. However, the mixer-related part was coded by Dr. Meier himself and (I could be wrong here) Anton Babushkin. Really, I can’t help you here, I am just not that familiar with PX4. I am going to ask comrade Babushkin to have a look at this post, there is a chance that he might be able to help.

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please, ask him, if you can help, it will be very helpfull for us)