Problem with receiving CAN bus data using candump can0

Hello ,
I am using RPi 3 with Raspbian distribution ,socketCAN driver and PICAN2 board connected to a Motor control board .

I set the can0 up by this command :

sudo /sbin/ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 1000000 .

When i send a CAN frame using cansend can0 it works fine , i receive the frame sent in my control board .

The control board send a response frame to pican2 .

My problem is that candump can0 did not receive the response frame .

Currently I have 2 terminal , 1 for sending and 1 for receiving .

what’s wrong !!! I can’t find the problem .

Thank you

Maybe the CAN controller on your motor control board is configured in the silent mode (listen-only). Or maybe the bus is malfunctioning (e.g., due to EMI or bitrate mismatch), causing the motor control board to switch into the error passive mode.