NXP Semiconductors is pleased to support UAVCAN V1.0 - Dronecode



Probably - this is the source. I could not find any articles at the NXP about the support of the UAVCAN.

The post I linked is the original source.

This article is from https://www.dronecode.org/. NXP writes nothing about this. the NXP.com itself does not write about it - this is in the category of rumors. :slight_smile: Do you have a direct link to NXP?

The post I linked has been authored and published by NXP. I’ve been told that they are also going to follow-up with another post on their own website, but I don’t know yet when is that going to happen.

I’m the author of this post and work in the Mobile Robotics- drones and Rovers team within NXP. We have internal resources in four countries helping with libuavcan for S32K automotive microcontrollers and have created a generic dual CAN-FD node for developers to work with. This is not yet absolute as a standard reference design, but if anyone is interested they can contact us directly as they can be supplied directly.
There’s some thought/discussion of running these bare metal vs on top of NuttX (which is already ported to S32K) vs NuttX plus a minimal PX4.
We welcome anyone to join the regular developer calls with Pavel.
Iain Galloway

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The RDDrone-FMUK66 does support UAVCAN its the dual CAN ports. We have a dual CAN-FD ‘generic node’ board that is complete, and were preparing the software for. This would allow bridging and experimenting with attached peripherals.

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NXP is a member of DroneCode. We chose to publish here first because of the audience connection. Other blogs/venues were considered, but the holidays and CES took our attention.

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