Meet Kocherga v0.1 -- a multi-protocol UAVCAN v0/v1 bootloader for microcontrollers

Don’t open this link because you risk blowing your mind :exploding_head:

This is Kocherga v0.1 – a multi-protocol header-only C++17 bootloader library that supports UAVCAN/serial, UAVCAN/CAN, and UAVCAN v0 :boom:

Usage examples included! :open_book:

Just look at this sick diagram :dark_sunglasses: :

Can you believe your eyes? Me neither! :expressionless:

Be sure to pronounce Kochergá correctly! :speaking_head:


I love it :rocket: ! Great to see more projects incorporating advanced C++ features in embedded applications. This might be a viable candidate for including into the nascent 107-Arduino-DroneCore (which is so nascent, that I don’t even bother to include a link).

PS: Even with the link provided above I’m unsure I’ll be able to prounce кочерга correctly :wink:

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