Libuavcan branch renaming!

Please be advised that in the next few days we will be renaming the uavcan-v1.0 branch to “uavcan-v0.5” and will then rename uavcan-v1.0-bluesky to uavcan-v1.0.

uavcan-v0.5 is an experimental port of libuavcan v0 to run on CAN-FD. while functional it is a dead-end as all available development efforts are going into libuavcan v1 “bluesky”. This new v1 branch will support both CAN 2.0 and CAN-FD and may support other real-time networks in the future. It will be based on the new UAVCAN v1.0 specification, will be header-only, and will require C++11 at minimum to compile. You can read more in the bluesky (link omitted because the will move when the branch renaming occurs).

The uavcan-v0.5 branch will be maintained until the end of 2020 (Jan 1, 2021) at which time this branch will be deleted.


Final warning: branch renaming will commence shortly.

The branch renaming is complete.