Libserard -- a potential alternative to libcanard that implements UAVCAN/serial

I am currently working on a deeply embedded C++ application that requires simultaneous connectivity via UAVCAN/CAN and UAVCAN/serial. Since we don’t have libuavcan yet, there is at the moment no readily available solution to implement UAVCAN/serial on an embedded target. Therefore, I am considering creating a very simple library that will implement UAVCAN/serial using virtually the same API that is provided by libcanard. I expect it to be only ~500 LLoC large because there are no multi-frame transfers to worry about (they account for most of the complexity hidden in libcanard).

I am planning to name it "libcanard".replace("can", "ser") == libserard.


it’s a knife lib because it’s serrated!

When do you expect to have a github repository available?

Any week now.


Sounds very useful! Do you have already a github repository available or is it still under construction?

Still under construction, unfortunately.