Jani Hirvinen's talk on UAVCAN at the ArduPilot Developer Conference in China

@jani.hirvinen gave a talk with a practical demo about UAVCAN at the ArduPilot Developer Conference on June 21st:

Key points that are most relevant within the context of the current roadmap:

  • At 16:16: “We need more optimized user interfaces”. Ostensibly this is perceived to be an adoption roadblock. We are coordinating with the current adopters to secure funding for the next-generation user software for UAVCAN. Those who are interested are welcome to join the next dev call or wait for us to publish a finalized sponsorship proposal in the coming weeks.
  • At 19:05: There are 15-20 models of UAVCAN equipment on the market, ~50 expected by the end of 2019.