How to use UAVCAN protocol in a microcontroller system

hello,I am a microcontroller developer by C language ,and heard that UAVCAN is a simple protocol. then I have finished reading the Guide and the Specification.To my dismay,these documents mostly talk about concepts or principles. in other words, I didn’t find what I wanted from these documents. for me,i just want to find some documents like that “Getting started with UACCAN for xxx devices” 、some examples in STM32 chip or operation manual about UACVAN. Do you have these documents?


I think the best we can offer in that sense right now is the user guide for Libcanard and PyUAVCAN:

These are very practical docs and they come with examples. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no step-by-step guide for STM32, and we don’t have that on our roadmap, but I am personally willing to assist if you or anybody else decided to write it.

If you are open to considering other platforms, specifically NXP S32K, you might be interested in UCANS32K146: CAN FD development system for Drones, Rovers, and Mobile Robotics.

i get it !thanks