How to US-D1 CAN protocol to UAVCAN

Hi guys,

How to integrate US-D1 (CAN 2.0) to UAVCAN. When I am connecting to CAN-BUS US-D1 Sensor CAN nodes are not Detecting. How could resolve this error?
I am using:
1.Arducopter 4.1.0
2.UAVCAN_GUI tool.
Sensor link:

The device you linked does not seem to support UAVCAN. Consider contacting the vendor.

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Thank you sir we will contact vendor. is there any chance to change CAN 2.0 to UAVCAN?

Thank you, sir

I am new to the world of CANbus and have been doing much research. I see there are various protocols that can be assigned to the ports on an Ardupilot. Can I assign UAVCAN to one port and a CAN 2.0A (or B) protocol (if it exists) to the second port?

Alternatively, is there a gateway and/or software for communicating between these two standards? (I noticed a post regarding Wireshark … unfortunately over my head :frowning: )

Is it possible to create a protocol like the ToshibaCAN (and others) for this purpose? Ultimately I need to control a CAN 2.0A actuator with my Ardupilot rover.

Thanks for your assistance.

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