GUI Is Not Populating Node Info

When I open the Node Properties for a given node, the UAVCAN GUI Tool isn’t populating the Node info. This is for jDrones nodes running UC4H firmware.

Also, if the Online Nodes list supposed to flash nodes in and out? They don’t stay in the list? Thanks!

This could be because the node does not support the service uavcan.protocol.GetNodeInfo.

No, it is not intended to be this way. Perhaps your nodes are not publishing uavcan.protocol.NodeStatus frequently enough, or the CAN adapter is faulty?

You can use the Bus Monitor (under the Tools menu) to diagnose.

What’s interesting is the UC4H firmware website shows the devices populating the display, so this’ll require further investigation. As for the Bus Monitor, should I be looking for those messages? Will I also see them in the Subscribe window too?

The bus monitor should help you understand what is happening on the bus. The subscription tool won’t help you because it can only be used with messages, not with services.

What CAN adapter are you using? Many SLCAN adapters tend to lose frames in multi-frame transfers because their small buffers overflow very quickly. Consider trying a different adapter maybe?

I’m using this SLCAN adapter from jDrones.

I think this is an issue with the Linux UAVCAN GUI Tool the windows version works fine with all UC4H and Jdrones devices.

I’m on Mac (macos Mojave) but pretty close. To answer @BDFL, the correct data looks good coming across the wire. Is there anything I can look for?

It is highly unlikely that it has anything to do with the OS. I recommend investigating this first, there might be a root cause hidden in there:

Ensure that your nodes publish uavcan.protocol.NodeStatus at least once a second. If they are not, or if some CAN frames carrying these messages are lost, this would explain your problems.