Getting started with Cyphal


I’m getting started with Cyphal and am not sure where to begin. I have an embedded application in mind where I would like the protocol to run over an SPI hardware layer. The implementation will be in C. Is this possible using Cyphal? Any suggestions would be welcome.


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The fastest and easiest way to Cyphal is 107-Arduino-Cyphal and getting a CyphalPicoBase/CAN :grin: (Note: for getting one you can PM / email me).

Hi Jose,

Please find a basic guide and overview here

The currently supported transport layers are CAN, Serial (UART, RS232, etc) and UDP (Ethernet). I’m not sure I’ve seen anything done with SPI as the transport on here, but its probably something you could make, took a look at this thread.

I’ll let more experienced people than I weigh in on that.