Failure on GUI Start Due to Incorrect Search Path for .uavcan Files

I specified a custom .uavcan file when starting the app.

I’m starting off with this

Line 31 of the uavcan dsdl file references a type

uavcan.olliw.uc4h.DistanceSensorProperties[<=1] sensor_property  # made an array so that it is optional

that is defined in a file alongside that uavcan file in the same folder. Why is the GUI looking elsewhere?


The GUI is looking where it is supposed to, but the data type uavcan.olliw.uc4h.DistanceSensorProperties is not defined.

The GUI is looking where it is supposed to

I told him this too :slight_smile:

the data type uavcan.olliw.uc4h.DistanceSensorProperties is not defined

the data type is defined, but he has moved the files&folders to the wrong location, it should be in a uavcan/olliw/ subfolder, as the name uavcan.olliw.xxxx evidences

so, all good, user error :slight_smile:

No, not user error. If the app is going to ask where it can find additional DSDL files, then the app should know to look in the same folder for type defs. I’m not going to own this.

and this is all moot anyway because Mission Planner now has UAVCAN node management and the Cube autopilot can server as an SLCAN.

The application behaves correctly according to the specification. It won’t look in the same directory because the included data type is referred to by its absolute name. The core issue here is that OlliW has put his own definitions inside the UAVCAN namespace (uavcan), which is expressly prohibited in the spec. The definition is therefore flawed.

so we are playing now the blame game
the issue is that ArduPilot doesn’t allow reasonably meaningful integration of vendor specific dsdls and that the UAVCAN v0 maintainer was irrationally stiff with accepting vendor specif messages, a position the UAVCAN maintainer apparently has concluded himself to not be upholdable and flipped to the other side
the issue is also that the user has just bluntly copied the files to somewhere without reading the documents as to where the files should go to and without understanding how the UAVCAN dsdl files&folders are organized, and this has absolutely nothing to do with how the vendor specific messages were organized
we can continue this blame game ad infinitum if you guys want