Esp32 s3 devkit-c1 and mcp2515


I am using the ESP32 S3 Devkit-C1 along with an MCP2515 CAN bus module, and I want to send battery information to a Pixhawk using DroneCAN. I have been struggling to achieve this. Could someone with experience in this matter provide me with a tutorial on how to get started or share an example project?

Hi @Harun_9595 any luck? I’m working with some esp32-C3 boards and just starting to check out Cyphal.

btw, the S3 chip has a built in CAN controller. I’ve found that working with the built-in controller a lot easier than dealing with both the SPI controller and configuring an mcp2515, which I was using with a raspberry pi pico before this. You can also do development between esp boards without transceivers.