Dynamic Node allocation [Legacy v0]

Hello there, I am attempting to speak to a Hex Here3 GPS/IMU.
I am currently using a CAN/USB converter that isnt compatable with SLCAN.

As I understand it, the Here3 is transmitting an annonomous message using the CANID 0x189A7100,
with the 0x18 being the priority, the 0x9A71 being the discriminator with the message ID of 1 being read from the last 2 bits of the dicriminator. 0x00 being the node/being annonymous.
Am I correct in assuming the device is requesting a dynamic node allocation?

The attached image shows my attempt to send it a node ID, (well 0x00 following the example from this page: 6. Application level functions - UAVCAN )

I believe the key is 0x30 30 35 20 04 57 42 52 3e 00 29 00.
Can you see any issues with what is currently being sent/recieved as I’m not getting passed the 2nd stage?

I appreciate your time reading this and thank you for your help.

Yes, this sounds right (one minor technical note: the discriminator is only 14 bits long though; the next 2 bits are the message ID which is a separate field).

Not immediately but I recommend you to compare your implementation with that of the UAVCAN GUI Tool. Can you do that?