DSDL string type support

I would like to point out that the support for string types in DSDL is currently marked for inclusion in the v1.0 release. The technical proposal is outlined here:

The implementation can be carried out easily without affecting the existing deployments. The lack of native string support is known to affect certain applications dealing with registers and file transfers (such as bootloaders). Here is one example: yakut reg produces wrong format on output for natural8 with option -d · Issue #65 · OpenCyphal/yakut · GitHub

The full list of issues scheduled for v1.0 is available here: Issues · OpenCyphal/specification · GitHub

DSDL string support should be available in Cyphal v1.0
  • Yes, add it in Cyphal v1.0 and do not rush v1.1 release
  • No, postpone it until Cyphal v1.1, which should follow soon after v1.0

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