DSDL extension for vscode with syntax highlighting


I got tired of reading DSDL without syntax highlighting, so I wrote a basic extension for Visual Studio Code which add syntax highlighting in DSDL, and which allows easy comment/uncommenting of code using the built-in shortcuts in vscode. I spoke with Kjetil, and he said that you maybe had an interest of hosting the extension in a repo under the uavcan organization on GitHub?

As of now, the extension is only existing in my github repo (I haven’t published the extension to vscode yet.) However, if there is interest, I am open to move the extension from my repo, to one of yours, before the extension is published. If not, I will still publish the extension to vscode so anyone working with dsdl will have access to it.

Some screenshots


Glorious. Yes, we sure would like having this repo hosted in the UAVCAN organization. If you want to go ahead with that, please request repo transfer in the settings on GitHub.

On a related note, I’ve been mulling over lately whether we should submit a patch to Pygments? Unless I am mistaken, they use it for syntax highlighting on GitHub.

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The extension is now published. Vscode should automatically recognize DSDL files by the file extension, and ask if you want to search the markedplace for extensions. It is also possible to install it manually by searching for dsdl in the extension manager.