DS-015 UAVCAN Drone Standard v1.0 RFC

The DS-015 UAVCAN Drone Standard has reached the stage of release readiness.

We request all participants of the workgroup, adopters of UAVCAN in the drone field, and any potential future adopters to provide commentary for the document before it is finalized. The scheduled release deadline is Nov 11.

The document contains a high-level description of UAVCAN and the application layer, along with the detailed physical layer specifications. The formal definitions of the network services and related DSDL types are maintained separately in the official public regulated data types repository in the reg.drone namespace, which is linked from the main document:

The DSDL definitions currently have the version numbers v0.1, meaning that they are not yet stabilized. We expect them to reach stability as soon as the first products and systems leveraging this standard are fielded. Until then, changes and adjustments are possible, so feel free to submit commentary and subscribe to notifications to stay in the loop.