Do we need a wiki?

Do we want a publicly editable wiki for centralized storage of all UAVCAN-related information excepting library documentation (because library docs are to be kept close to their sources)? There have been independent efforts such as creating a list of UAVCAN-enabled hardware or developing a new GUI tool (I’m not talking about Yukon here) which may remain undiscovered by most of the UAVCAN users because such information is spread out over a large variety of sources (such as this forum or GitHub repositories). With a wiki we could either fix that ourselves or at least provide users with a possibility of managing entries relevant to their activities themselves.

A downside of having a wiki is that it’s yet another source to maintain and keep up-to-date.

  • Yes, we need a dedicated place for user-editable UAVCAN-related information
  • No, we are unlikely to find sufficient resources for adequate content management
  • No for other reasons (please describe)

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(if we decided to go forward with the wiki, what wiki engine should we use? wiki.js comes to mind, anything else?)

I’m not sure how to vote on this. On the one hand it’s an easy yes since there’s no harm in it but on the other I wonder what utility it has given that we have this forum, the UAVCAN website, and documentation for various software projects. I worry that this could cause confusion where all wiki pages will look like they are written by the UAVCAN maintainers since it would be a UAVCAN wiki. I would rather just create pages on our site where we think documenting external efforts would be beneficial.

Your argument seems to belong to the category “no for other reasons”.