Data type versioning in 1.0

Hi! I was reading Simpler and better DSDL versioning and
Specification 1.0 and I am not sure I understand how the different versions are handled in API…

Will each version of a type be sent as seperate message, and in turn, the application needs to handle multiple services/subscriptions (one for each), or will the API supply a single interface with parameters telling what version is currently handled?

But I guess some intelligence is build into the stack due to the limit of 3 handled major versions.


This is entirely up to the implementation. Libuavcan, pyuavcan, and libcanard don’t bother abstracting the version differences away, so the application essentially will have to support multiple data types concurrently. Which is fine.

The limit is gone. I have updated the draft to reflect that; now most of the third chapter is missing (I am rewriting it right now).

Ok! Thanks for the clarification.