Cyphal/DroneCAN/PWM usage statistics

I am currently working on a master’s thesis in which I am comparing the methods of controlling the motors of quadcopter. The main part of my thesis is about flying with PWM, DroneCAN and Cyphal.

I need a statistic on how often Cyphal/DroneCAN/PWM is used in drones to control motors so I can include it in my literature review. If anyone has it, or can tell me where to find it, I would be very grateful.

I expected to find few papers on Cyphal/old UAVCAN as they are more complicated to implement and most papers will be on PWM. As a result, it was funny that extensive literature reviews tried to assure me that there is only one way to control motors (via PWM) :grin:

There’s no up-to-date data on this but back in 2019 we conducted a survey. That was before the DroneCAN/Cyphal split; both were known as UAVCAN back then.

On the differences between Cyphal and DroneCAN see Cyphal vs. DroneCAN


Thank you!