Critical Bus load

I am trying to use the UAVCAN to establish a triplex redundant model for controlling a quad so I created some messages to be sent over the can bus and I expect that my bus load will be about 65% (measured by CAN vector box using CANoe software) so my question is there is a critical range for the bus load I am not supposed to exceed? and if yes how much is it ?

Thanks in advance

UAVCAN does not limit the maximum bus utilization.

I know but I mean for safety percussions should I keep my bus load in certain range to not overload the CAN bus and data get lost ?

There is no one-size-fits-all bus utilization limit. You should analyze your bus from the standpoint of latency constraints per every type of message exchanged over it; this question is briefly explored in the section 4.1.4 “Transfer priority” of the Specification:; also, this thread may also be of relevance: Transfer priority level mnemonics