Configure UAVCAN for PX4 Fligth Stack

Hello! I want to use UAVCAN protocol for ESC. And I want to configure PX4 Flight Stack 1.8.0 by means of parameters in QGC according with Zubax manual
I used last daily build QGC, updated of firmware to PX4 Flight Stack 1.8.0 (Stable).
And I can not to find parameters for UAVCAN enable and settings.
Moreover I could not find parameters for CAN at all.

I do not know why uavcan parametes is unavailable. May be anybody did encountering with like problems and can help me?

You should ask PX4 maintainers why their implementation is not working. Consider opening a ticket or asking on the forum.

This forum is about the protocol, not about any particular product that uses it.

OK, thank you!
I thought that it is feature of uavcan implementation.