CAN adapters to read data from UAVCAN V1.0 supported BMS


I am new to UAVCAN / Cyphal protocol. I bought a Battery Management System (BMS) board named RDDrone-BMS-772 from NXP which supports UAVCAN V1.0. I want to read the CAN data shared by BMS in PC.

I tried to connect this board to PX4 Cube Orange Autopilot, it didn’t work. Although, Zubax ESC and Packet digital MPPT works fine through UAVCAN in Cube Orange. I guess Cyphal is still not supported in Cube Orange.

Can Someone suggest an USB-CAN adapter to read UAVCAN V1.0 data in PC?

or Can I use Microchip’s CAN bus analyzer (which supports CAN2.0B) for this?

Thanks in advance…

Cyphal/CAN is supported in PX4.

For a general-purpose adapter, I recommend Zubax Babel.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I will explore purchasing Babel.

With regard to Cyphal support in PX4, in Mission planner under CAN protocol selection field DroneCAN option is available along with Piccolo, KDECAN etc. but Cyphal is not available.
When DroneCAN is selected, the device is not getting identified.

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It sounds like you’re using ArduPilot, not PX4.

Yes… Sorry for misleading.

So, Cyphal is not supported in Ardupilot?

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Well, there’s this; a comment in support of this changeset would be appreciated:

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