Brief clarifications on the logo usage policy

The UAVCAN project has regular logos that look like this:



They can be used freely with products, marketing materials, websites, documentation, apparel, etc. — no need to ask permission. If you believe that your product is UAVCAN-compliant, or you want to promote the project, go ahead and use them. Even if your product is found to implement UAVCAN incorrectly, we don’t mind — let the customer be the judge.

We also have the official UAVCAN Conformity Mark that looks as follows:

Usage of the Mark is governed by the UAVCAN Conformity Mark regulation. Unlike the regular project logo, you need to obtain explicit written permission to use the Conformity Mark. The permission can be granted only to members of the Consortium for use only with specific products that have been found to implement published UAVCAN specifications correctly. If you use the Mark without proper authorization, you will receive a Cease & Desist with possible legal ramifications.

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