Bidirectional motor control

It has probably been asked before but I’m using a Holybro Kotleta 20 in an underwater vehicle. For this I need to motor to be able to spin both directions. I can’t see any flags in the config that would allow this.

Has anyone done this before or could point me in the correct direction for a solution other then toggling the ctl_dir config flag.


Sapog (the firmware installed in Kotleta) does not support ad-hoc reversal. Telega does though.

Is that a direct firmware replacement or does it require different hardware?

As we have this hardware already if required we can look at changing the firmware ourselves as the code is available for the Sapog firmware although doesn’t look like it has been updated in a while.

Different hardware is required. It is not possible to port Telega to Sapog-compatible hardware due to completely different operating principles.

This is because it is stable.